Tuesday, October 14, 2014

best of summer-ish.

okay, here's the deal. sometimes things get out of hand, and in this particular case, i'm talking about the amount of photos i take and then never get around to sharing. it doesn't feel like my dslr made it out of the house too often this summer, but my poor overloaded mac would beg to differ. chelsea probably has more, but i know her dslr made it out even less than mine :) so here goes - some completely random, but favorite moments from our summer around the city!

these were in some sort of chronological order, until i decided to put all the pictures from the city flea at the end. sorry! from top to bottom though - cincinnati roamin', madi graduates!, 4th of july celebrating, birthday fun!, a new adorable nephew, union terminal adventures (lots!), city flea + some fireside pizza. all good things, don't you think?! what were some of your summer highlights?

anyone else overwhelmed by their backlog of photos? :)

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