Thursday, October 30, 2014

the dining room // before.

there are a lot of changes going on over at stanley and before we share the pretty (i mean, we hope it turns out as so), we thought we'd share the ugly. okay, we admit that it's not actually ugly, it's just not our style. have a look and ignore my pjs!
to be honest these pictures are from the first few weeks and everything was still where it landed initially. it looks a little different now, but soon we're hoping it will look completely different. the natural light in this room has the potential to be completely swoon-worthy, but in order for that to happen we think the red has got to go. we've got a few things in mind - new paint, lighter furniture, a little rearranging, some multi-functional pieces, new lighting. it's all in the works (and so are some other fun things)! keep your eyes open for updates!

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