Monday, October 6, 2014

the struggle and the story.

print/drawing by lettersbylinds

"the struggle is part of the story." it's true. i mean, at least i think it is. i hope it is. i want it to be.

throughout the struggle, it's always hard to believe and sometimes we need constant reminding. but! once we start to dig ourselves out of the rubble, we realize that we can't shed all of the struggle and that maybe that's not a bad thing. some of the debris will stick with us. it will grow with us. it will teach us something, or many somethings, about ourselves. it will become a part of us. it becomes part of our story. and that's pretty hopeful, right?

what quotes or mantras do you use to push yourself through the hard times? please share! we'd love to hear your words of wisdom :)

also! i've got this on repeat. it's lovely. and this, always this.

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