Wednesday, December 17, 2014

barista parlor's golden sound :: nashville.

no, we haven't taken a month long holiday away from the blog. life around here has just totally gone astray, but there are plenty of posts in store for you before the new year!

there have been many trips to nashville this year (it's a city full of music and coffee. what do you expect!?) and on one of the more recent trips, i got to stop by the new barista parlor location, golden sound. last year we visited the original location and fell deeply in love. their branding still comes up in conversation regularly! golden sound has it's own swoon-worthy unique and clean style, not to mention some killer records on rotation. i could've sat in there for hours...maybe i'll never know.

there are a few things that make a coffee shop a GOOD coffee shop besides the good coffee. say that three times fast. but do you know the most important thing? good company.

get to nashville and check it out. check it alllllll out. i have yet to have a bad cup of coffee in that city. it's kind of unfair :)

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