Wednesday, February 18, 2015

snow day. times three?

we call them snow days, but really we're still working. and spending hours shoveling and scraping and rolling. so i think they're just snowY days. because a real snow day should involve hibernation and movies and games and a few naps and mountains of blankets, right? 

i digress. monday though? monday was a real snow day. we even went on a frozen winter adventure to cure our cabin fever! 

we walked to the store and through the park and ended up at one of our favorite spots, eli's bbq. listen, i am a vegetarian and it's still one of my favorite spots. um, jalapeno cornbread and mac & cheese? obviously. we listened to grace potter & the nocturnals on vinyl and got nice and warm before our trek back. 

also, it should be noted that all sense of style goes out the window once that third layer goes on. yes, i look like a chocolate michelin man. i won't comment on chelsea's pants. or maybe i will? they're, like, soooo season one jesse pinkman.

stay warm out there!

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