Monday, September 28, 2015

finally, a dining room!

remember this post, like, forever and ever ago? and this post last week? well, here we finally have the after shots. there has been so much going on, but i finally got around to uploading these photos, even if it did take a bit!

as i mentioned before, we are no longer in this space. onward! but we found out just as i was starting to paint the space, so a few simple changes were made. paint, a new table + chairs, and a few accessories!

our paint color was super neutral, but an EXCITING neutral. at any given moment it could come off as white, light gray, cream, or even pink (as you can probably tell)! yes, pink. a very light and subtle pink. it was warm without ever coming off as yellow. the dining room also got the best natural light so it was our go to space for most of our plants (and also, my go-to spot for coffee pics). the simple updates made for a much lighter and brighter last few months in our little abode. the changes made it a little harder to leave my favorite coffee spot behind, that's for sure. 

source list!
chairs: vilmar by ikea
table top: thrifted (we actually snagged this when hinge closed!)
table legs: lerberg by ikea
wall hanging: just an easy little diy!
candle: tj maxx
stepladder chair: vintage
cutting board: aheirloom
pendant & flower: various city flea vendors! (so bad, but i can't remember which ones - if you know, give us a shout!)

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