Wednesday, November 25, 2015

last-minute thanksgiving roundup!

in the past we've put together some dreamy thanksgiving menus ( 2012 - 2013 - 2014 ). unfortunately this year, we haven't had quite so much time. the holidays snuck up on us, but here are a few recipes that might make it onto our tables this year! as well as a quick diy and a playlist!
free printable via little baby garvin.

as far as thanksgiving dinner goes, i always try to bring a veggie dish or two (whether they are traditional or not) because my family has a real, err, paula-esque cooking style. and by that i mean they go heavy on the butter, heavy on the's all about balance! or, ya know, more room for dessert!? bring it on. give me all of them.

tuscan kale salad with white cheddar
roasted carrots with farro + chickepeas
parmesan herb roasted potatoes
roasted turkey with root vegetables + gravy
cranberry sage pie
ambrosia apple galette with salted caramel
bourbon pumpkin pie

oooh pretty! a quick, but cute diy for your tablesetting!

here is our updated thanksgiving playlist via spotify - soulful music to listen to while cooking, sitting around the table with your loved ones, or cuddling on the couch with your family after stuffing your face. all good things. enjoy!

happy thanksgiving ya turkey!

ps. this post is a real hodge-podge, but i've also got this little tip in my back pocket for tomorrow. i love my family and all, but holidays can be stressful. so if things start heading south, i'm counting on adele.

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